Nazareno Haroldo Sanchez was born on 29 July 1971 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina.


As the son of painter Carlos Sanchez Gramajo he experienced in the world of colors and started painting very young. 1996 inspired by his father realized his first solo exhibition, "To C. Sanchez Gramajo"


1992 to 1998 he studied art at the UNC (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba), Argentina. His thesis was an intensive analysis in the laboratory of black and white photography in combination with painting.


1997 he received the first award of painting from the cultural foundation of Santiago del Estero. This is followed by several solo and group exhibitions, various design jobs of public buildings and stage work for television and theater, as well illustrations for various books.


1999 directed and realized  the wall- project "Franciscan mission in Santiago del Estero" which marked a fundamental change in the concept of his work for revive new directions of his personal and artistic search.


Looking for an artistic further education Nazareno Haroldo Sanchez visited in 2001, the Art School in Berlin and the State Academy of Art in Frankfurt. Finally in Basel he found an answer to his research.

2002-2006 he graduated from the study painting for art painting and illustration at the "New Art School in Basel."


Nazareno Haroldo Sanchez also plays bombo and guitar. The music, rhythm and harmonies and  lead him to a musical sensation of nature and his existence.


He is the creator of the method of  Sonko-massage. Ritual that includes sistems for opening the heart.

He is member of the artists' association "Camara de Arte la Bohardilla", Argentina.

He gives courses and seminars regularly where he shares his personal experiences to perceive the painting and color systems and psychologies its function with art.

Member of the board of the Association "Violines para Loreto" Basel, Switzerland

Since 2012 he workes as stage designer and light designer for Music School Conservatorium Zürich (MKZ) and other important stages in Switzerland.

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